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Who are we?

Artistiq is a multisided e-commerce platform that allows artists to sell their art and connects artists directly to consumers through an online portal. Offering artists in the region an online community where they can share knowledge, connect with other artists, and display their artwork. Artistiq also focuses on knowledge sharing and creating a knowledge-sharing platform for Arab artists through workshops, webinars, and networking events

Our Mission

The creation of a large all-inclusive Arab multisided art platform, which offers an online gallery for artists while serving as a platform for knowledge
sharing and education.

Our Vision

For Artistiq to become the most well-known online platform in the region for anything related to art, providing artists with indefinite tools and services to create, display and sell their masterpieces

Other offerings

Online art gallery

In our online gallery, we offer various types of options for artists, profile page, categories, tags, and a place to connect with other artists and customers


We organize multiple art exhibitions for artists like Solo Exhibition, Collective exhibitions, and Online exhibitions


We offer a different type of auction to buy and sell paintings, exclusive artworks, and more through our website. In art auctions, different types of artworks are on sale, and whoever places the highest bid can take the artwork into their possession. They are basically public events or online auctions through the website where anyone can participate.


We believe in continuous learning regardless of age, so we provide workshops for different age groups from highly experienced artists to teach their skills and technique and share knowledge.

Meet Our Visionary Leader

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afraa al noaimi

At the helm of our company stands a leader whose passion for arts ignites our imagination and drives our innovation. Meet Afraa Al Noaimi, our esteemed CEO, whose love for creativity infuses every aspect of our organization.

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