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Are constantly thriving to improve our already high standards to have you see us as the absolute best in the industry. We strive to be the best platform for artists and customers in the Arab world.

Meet The Team

Fully-licensed and insured flooring experts
with many years of experience

Afraa Al - Noaimi

Founder and CEO

Abdullah S. Mohammed

Business Development Specialist

Aisha Khalid

Head of Creative

What We Stand For

There are no labels in this room. Artistiq sees people for who they are. There is no forced interaction. It’s always on brand. We’re seasoned, well-educated, and mature. Our staff believes in quirkiness, but not in outright lunacy. It’s well-liked, planned beauty, art, and branding. At our core, we’re here to accomplish more.

What our customers say about us...

Anna MillerDesigner

"At first, I wasn't sure wether any of my photos were good enough in comparison to the other photos I saw on the site, but I uploaded a few anyways. I was quite startled to see how many views and downloads my first upload got in their 24 hours on artistiq"

Alexandra ColemanCustomers

“I have bought a few things from artistq, and the customer service was one of the best I have seen!! The constant support was just so helpful, and made me feel more comfortable going through the website! Sensational customer service"

Ruth PierceCustomer

“I love Artistiq and would recommend it to anyone. Could not be easier to use and your services are amazing. Thank you. ​”

Archie RogersDesigner

“ My experience using artistiq painting service was really amazing. They truly provide a top notch artistic service to their clients. Moreover, their painting service is a classical example of cubism. ”

Bashiru WahabDesigner

“ Artistiq offers a solid painting service. I selected Artistiq since I couldn't locate any other painting service that offered what they do. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery.”